HAIKU POEMS: “Blue Jay” (“Arrendajo azul”)

    “Blue Jay”   Blue Jay demands his treat, A tasty nut… Fast in his beak!   “Arrendajo azul”  (hurraca)   Arrandajo azul exige su regalo,  Una sabrosa nuez …  Rápido en su pico!        

HAIKU PET POEMS: “Alarm-cat” (“Gato-despertador”)

  “Alarm-cat” Whiskers brush my face large eyes observe, a gentle purr… alarm-cat! Amira   ¡Gato- despertador! Bigotes cepillan mi cara, ojos grandes observan, un suave ronroneo …  ¡gato- despertador! Amira    

HAIKU’S POEMS: “A baby’s face” (“La cara de un bebé”)

“A baby’s face” A baby’s face: Smiling eyes, non-judgement… Awake to inner Light. The wisdom of a sage! Amira   “La cara de un bebé”    La cara de un bebé: Ojos sonrientes, sin juicio… Despierto a la Luz interior. ¡La sabiduría de un sabio! Amira  

HAIKU POEMS: “Home” (“Hogar”)

  “Home”   A touch of paint, Some pretty flowers… Such warmth! A place called home! Amira     “Hogar”  Un toque de pintura Algunas flores bonitas… ¡Tal calidez! ¡Un lugar llamado hogar!  Amira

HAIKU SPIRITUAL POEMS: “Meditation” (“Meditación”)

“Meditation” A moment sublime, sensing the Light, overflowing joy, tearful eyes… ecstasy of the soul! Amira   “Meditación” Un momento sublime, percibiendo la Luz, alegría desbordante, ojos llorosos… éxtasis del alma! Amira  

HAIKU POEMS: “Hummingbird” (“Colibrí”)

“Hummingbird” Fresh syrup in the feeder color dances in the air: a hummingbird- a joyful treat! Amira Colibrí Nectar fresco en el alimentador danzas de color en el aire: un colibrí- una dulce alegría! Amira

HAIKU PET POEMS: “Cat’s play” (“Juego de gato”)

“Cat’s play” Zig Zag tail, hunting shadows, invisible enemies… A loud Meowwwww!!! ————— Acrobatic twists, a yoga stretch, an elastic jump, suspended landing…- it’s all cat’s play! Amira   “Juego de gato”   Cola de zigzag, cazando sombras enemigos invisibles … Un fuerte Miauuuuu !!! ————— Giros acrobáticos un estiramiento de yoga, un salto elástico,…

HAIKU POEMS: “Thirst quenched” (¡Sed saciada!)

My first attempt at Haiku, without any rules…just a moment frozen in time, an inspiration from the garden: “Thirst Quenched” Watering the garden,  diamonds sparkling on leaves, Thirst quenched! Amira   Mi primer intento en Haiku, sin reglas … solo un momento congelado en el tiempo, una inspiración del jardín:   ¡Sed saciada!   Regando…

POEMS: “Upon Surrender”

Once you surrender your trusting heart, you’ll be at peace and ready to start.
Questions you asked many times before,
will now be answered from within your core

INSPIRATIONAL POEMS: “Reach out” by Margaret Jang

Reach out to embrace what is seen all around you,
feel this in your heart, then express what you must do.
For each has a special purpose that we all come to share, to give guidance or nurture or just show you truly care.

POEMS: “An inspiration to All”

The qualities you share with all you behold,
brings purpose and meaning to each passing soul.
Although you may think you play a small part,
any difference achieved is an important start.

POEMS: “Wounds of Time” by Margaret Jang

When you reach a turning point in your life,
and make a decision that cuts your heart like a knife,
isn’t it strange why you are angry or resentful now,
after all, it was your choice for when and how
you visualized your future dream to be,
to carry on a legacy that in your youth you could see.

POEMS: “I am there” by Iris Hesselden

Look for me when the tide is high, And the gulls are wheeling overhead
When the autumn wind sweeps the cloudy sky
And one by one the leaves are shed, Look for me when the trees are bare, And the stars are bright in the frosty sky