Where did Noah come from in the Bible?

Which lineage of Adam and Eve did Noah come from?

Both the Cainite and the Sethite lines begin with Adam. The Sethite line in Genesis 5 extends to Noah and his three sons. The Cainite line in Genesis 4 runs to Naamah.

Seth and Cain.

Sethite Cainite
Enoch Mehujael
Methuselah Methusael
Lamech Lamech
Noah Naamah

Who was Noah’s mother?

Who is Noah father?

Who was Enoch’s father?

Was Adam alive when Noah was alive?

Our mission: To discover if Adam was alive when Noah (the one who built the ark) was born. … Conclusion: No, Adam missed seeing Noah be born by 126 years. But, he lived to see Noah’s daddy turn 56.

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