What does Lakewood Church do with its money?

How much money was stolen from Lakewood Church?

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Robbed; $600,000 in Donations Stolen From Safe. Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, was robbed of $600,000 in donations over the weekend. “We were heartbroken to learn today that funds were stolen from the church over the weekend.

How much money does Joel Osteen make a year?

Osteen makes a lot of money off books, and probably pays taxes on that income. The annual salary for Osteen’s role would be $200,000, according to the Indy Star, but he hasn’t drawn that in over a decade.

What is John Hagee salary?

Q: What is John Hagee Salary? His yearly salary is around $100,000 a year, and $8333 a month. This is around $273.97 a day. He earns a substantial amount from publishing his books.

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