What does appeasing the gods mean?

What does it mean to appease the gods?

Propitiation comes from a form of the Latin verb “propitiare,” which means “to appease.” If you’re doing something in propitiation, that’s your basic goal: to regain favor. Propitiation often involves a god or gods, traditional or not.

What does it mean to appease a person?

transitive verb. 1 : pacify, conciliate especially : to make concessions to (someone, such as an aggressor or a critic) often at the sacrifice of principles appeased the dictator by accepting his demands Placaters, who try hard to appease others so as to keep the peace, fear getting hurt in some way. —

What happens when you appease someone?

If you try to appease someone, you try to stop them from being angry by giving them what they want.

How do you appease someone?

For other people

  1. Don’t ignore the person.
  2. Be open to listening to what they have to say.
  3. Keep your voice calm when they’re upset.
  4. Try to talk things through.
  5. Acknowledge their distress, but don’t feel like you have to back down if you disagree. …
  6. Avoid pushing advice or opinions on them. …
  7. Give them space if they need it.
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What is an example of appease?

Appease sentence example. He came to help her, to appease his guilt once and for all. Would that appease you, Gabriel? Unwilling to appease the man she didn’t like, she made no effort to match his pace.

What does vilely mean?

/ˈvaɪl.li/ in a way that is very unpleasant and usually immoral and unacceptable: She committed suicide after being vilely tormented at work.

What’s the difference between please and appease?

As verbs the difference between appease and please

is that appease is to make quiet; to calm; to reduce to a state of peace; to dispel (anger or hatred) while please is to make happy or satisfy; to give pleasure.

What is the root word for appease?

The verb appease comes from the Old French apaisier, “to pacify, make peace, or be reconciled,” from the phrase “a paisier,” which combines a-, or “to,” and pais, “peace,” from the Latin pax.

What is the best definition of appeasement?

the act of giving the opposing side in an argument or war an advantage that they have demanded, in order to prevent further disagreement : When he agreed to talks with the prime minister, he was accused of appeasement.

Can you appease someone?

If you try to appease someone, you try to stop them from being angry by giving them what they want.

What does Concilate mean?

pacify, appease, placate, mollify, propitiate, conciliate mean to ease the anger or disturbance of. pacify suggests a soothing or calming.

What is the meaning of unscarred?

Not marked with scars; hence, unwounded; unhurt: as, an unscarred veteran.

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