Can Muslims say for God sake?

Is it wrong to say for God’s sake?

Senior Member. The correct form should be “for God’s sake“, since it is a standard possessive case, i.e. “for the sake of God” (cf. “for heaven’s sake, stop complaining!” and so on).

What does for God’s sake mean?

for God’s sake. Also for goodness or heaven’s or Pete’s or pity’s sake. An exclamation showing surprise, impatience, anger, or some other emotion, depending on the context. … The variants are euphemisms for God.

What can I say instead of God’s sake?

What is another word for for God’s sake?

for Christ’s sake for crying out loud
for heaven’s sake for Pete’s sake
for pity’s sake oh no
honestly Christ almighty
Jesus Christ FFS

How do you say God be with you in Islam?

Arabic translation: allah maaka, allah maake, allah maakum, allah maakunna.

How do we use God sake?

For-god-s-sake sentence example

  1. Get me something to eat, for God’s sake! …
  2. Someone broke into her place for god’s sake! …
  3. She’s only four months old, for God’s sake! …
  4. I mean, we’re siccing the police after someone Howie saw in… a vision, for God’s sake! …
  5. That’s not something I can ask my mother, for god’s sake!
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Is it for God’s sake?

Given this, God’s sake, god sake, and god sakes all are correct. … The odd man out (gods sake) is wrong because God is not capitalized and the apostrophe is skipped.

What do the word sake mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : end, purpose for the sake of argument. 2a : the good, advantage, or enhancement of some entity (such as an ideal) free to pursue learning for its own sake— M. S. Eisenhower. b : personal or social welfare, safety, or benefit.