Thank you for the nomination for the “Mystery Blogger Award”!

Thank you dear Didi, for the nomination for the “Mystery Blogger Award”!

Thank you dear Didi for this beautiful gift and honor!

 Didi has a beautiful, inspirational and spiritual blog, with amazing, creative graphic designs and poetry for the soul! I recommend you visit this blog at:


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Many thanks again dear Didi for this unexpected and thrilling surprise of having nominated me for the “Mystery Blogger Award”.


Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?
It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best our there, and they deserve the recognition that they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion. -Okoto Enigma (


Three things about myself:

  1. I love animals with all my heart, and is my love for them that over 30 years ago made me decide to become a vegetarian. Although I recall memories of childhood when I had already developed this tendency. I guess it all started in my early childhood when my grandmother would raise baby chickens and over the cold months when they had just hatched we would keep them warm in a box in the kitchen and I would care for them and observe them for hours! One of them became my pet, and he was very smart. I remember whenever I visited grandma, I would call him by his name and he would come running to me like a little puppy, looking so happy and giving me a wing hug. I loved him so much!…. and you can guess what happened… yes, sadly, since he was a boy and not an “egg laying hen”, he ended up becoming a Sunday dinner and when I discovered this I was devastated. Since then, chicken was off the menu for me. Later on in life,  it was an easy transition to exclude all animals “off the menu”.
  2.  I enjoy playing chess, and although I consider myself a “beginner”, not having played much over the years, I finally bought a game for our anniversary, so now it’s always there on the coffee table, a game is always going on or in process… my husband makes a move, and flips a little card we made, that has our names on each side, then I know it’s my turn. So we play at leisure, when we pass by it, we make a move, and a game can last a few days.  I enjoy the strategy of the game, and the fact that it challenges me to think, to overcome “sticky situations” and to find solutions that lead to positive outcomes, pretty much like what we have to do in our own lives…Sometimes, it does seem like life it’s a big chess game of ongoing experiences from which we learn, we grow, and hopefully, we become better (players) 🙂
  3. I find my most peaceful and serene moments when I am in nature. It nourishes my soul.  I find a peace that touches my heart, whether I’m near water, in a forest, a park, or even in the comfort of my own little garden.  There are such tender moments when I watch the feeders with all the baby fledglings still being fed by their parents, or taking their first bath and curiously looking at everything for their first time, clumsily trying to fly while still keeping close company with their families. I smell the scent of the flowers that bring such joy to my senses, colors, perfumes, beauty and wonderment… I hear some wind chimes playing cheerfully with the breeze, and the peaceful sound of water trickling in the small water fountain. I remember when my mom passed away, we built a garden for her, to celebrate her life, and we planted roses.  At the same time, we got a few feeders, to bring back some life into our lives and regain a sense of comfort. Since then, we moved a few times, but we always carry with us the habit of the feeders, and keeping flowers blooming throughout spring, summer and fall, even if they are mostly in pots now. You can always create your own oasis to maintain that connection to nature, no matter how small, even if it’s just a plant!

Questions from Didi and my answers:

1.) If a King puts many precious things in front (money, land, precious diamonds, a high ranking position) of you and he asks you that you can choose what to take – what would it be?  I would probably take the money and use it for some good causes: First of all, we have to build housing for everyone and make sure everyone has food to eat… because NO ONE should be homeless or go hungry in our world where there is so much abundance! At the same time we would begin the clean up of our planet (land, oceans and air), plant more trees, protect the animals habitats, and buy free sources of energy to distribute them freely to the whole planet, and the list goes on… so I hope that this King is very, very RICH and super generous! 🙂

2.) How can we change ourselves to contribute to a better world?  I think that the answer is also within the question, because indeed,  “we can better the world by changing ourselves”. Diligently, day by day, minute by minute, becoming aware of our emotions and our thoughts, cleaning up our minds by elevating our thoughts and transmuting our emotions, to improve each day, and transform ourselves to become the light and love we are meant to be. This can create a contagious wave of goodwill and ignite the hearts of everyone touched, and before we know it, we are a part of the beautiful world we all desire to live in! We are all a part of the One Source, and each of us are undiscovered diamonds waiting underground to shine our light.

3.) What is your purpose of life? What a great question!!! Perhaps one of the greatest questions, and the one that has taken me on a journey of self discovery… I am still working on finding “the answers”, but I have “pieces or glimpses” of answers. Looking back to our lives we can see an overview of what we have done up to now, and what we would still like to do. However, if I was to give you the short answer, I would say that probably we all have one purpose in common : “to know ourselves”. To truly discover the inner Light of our higher Self and our connection to Source.  On our day to day lives, we tend to identify mostly with our bodies and our limited thinking through our 5 senses, but we are not just bodies… our bodies are just a vehicle for our souls, and we need to connect with that infinite source of light and love to nourish our souls.

4.) Our society produces good and bad things. What can be improved? This could also be a large list of things that we need to improve, and we could relate  it to the first question of the rich King… but we can also relate it to the 2nd question, at a personal level: “how can we change ourselves to contribute to a better society, or a better world? Changing ourselves, day by day, becoming more loving, spreading more love, light, and cheerfulness, participating in random acts of kindness, and becoming more forgiving of others as well as ourselves.

5.) Where is the difference between laughing and crying? When you are happy you can also shed tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh even out of insecurity… Yes, sometimes we can have wonderful cathartic moments in which we have tears of tremendous joy that wash like healing waters over us when our hearts and souls are deeply touched, and sometimes are tears of sadness and grief. For this question, I would like to quote Khalil Gibran, who expresses the answer so beautifully:

Image result for quotes kahlil gibran tears of joy and sorrow


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