POEMS: “Two Kinds of Intelligence” by Rumi

There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired,
as a child in school memorizes facts and concepts
from books and from what the teacher says,
collecting information from the traditional sciences
as well as from the new sciences.


“Grounding and Balancing” by Luda (re-blogged)

Originally posted on Plants and Beyond:
Clear Water, Sand, Universe, Sunrays, Breeze, and Blue Sky. That is all you needed for grounding, meditation, and balancing. Sharing most beloved and natural practice with my dear friends. Earthing will promote faster healing, shedding unwanted attachments, revive the soul and replenish your spirit. The physical body will restructure…

POEMS: “Is This Who I Am?” by Trina Graves

Every second and every minute of every day
You create yourself anew with what you do and say
“Is this the greatest vision of myself?” you might ask
Whenever you are about to carry out a task

SHORT STORIES: “The exact moment”(about humanity)

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A teacher gathered together his students and asked them: ‘How do we know the exact moment when night ends and day begins?’ ‘It’s when, standing some way away, you can tell a sheep from a dog,’ said one boy. The teacher was not content with the answer. Another student said: ‘No,…