Your question: What does the word worthy mean in the Bible?

What it means to be worthy?

What it Means to Be Worthy. Being or feeling worthy doesn’t mean that you feel you are above others. It simply means that you are aware that you deserve respect and have self-respect for yourself. You value your space, time, and life.

What does worthy of me mean?

1 adj If a person or thing is worthyof something, they deserve it because they have the qualities or abilities required. FORMAL usu v-link ADJ, usu ADJ of n (Antonym: unworthy) The bank might think you’re worthy of a loan…, The Minister says the idea is worthy of consideration…

What does it mean to walk worthy of our calling?

This is the kind of calling spoken to in Ephesians 4:1. It is a higher calling than the profession we choose to practice. When you sincerely seek to please God in all you do and when you honor Him by how you do your work and live your life, you are walking worthy of your calling and living a life of significance.

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What does worthy of respect mean?

Something or someone estimable is worthy of respect and admiration. … This is a word for people who deserve respect. A hardworking scholar who has written several books might be estimable. Things can be estimable, too. You might describe an impressive book, restaurant, or film as estimable.

How do you know you are worthy?

The way to worthiness is in CHOOSING to be worthy just because YOU ARE! You choose to show up with qualities that honor you and others. You believe that you are good and doing the best you can every single day. You know that you care about people and want the best for them too.

What makes someone worthy of something?

Something that deserves respect is worthy, whether it’s a charity, a hard working tennis opponent, or a struggle to overcome a disability. If it’s worth your admiration or has some inherent value, it’s worthy.

What does I’m not worthy of you mean?

1 : not deserving someone or something He’s unworthy of such praise. 2 : not appropriate for a particular kind of person or thing That behavior is unworthy of you.

What is the meaning of worthy of love?

1. worthy of being loved. nounWord forms: plural –thies. 2. a person worthy of being loved.

Is it worthy for or worthy of?

Senior Member. Ok, the first sentence “It is worthy for somebody of doing something.” just means the same as “it is worthy for somebody to do something”, only with the phrase “of doing something” instead of “to do something”.

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How do I walk in my calling from God?

Ask for feedback—know your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to receive criticism. Walk in a manner worthy of the calling (Ephesians 4:1-6). Fully surrender—hands open, whatever it looks like, wherever He may lead you to go.

What is the biblical definition of worthy?

: good and deserving respect, praise, or attention. : having enough good qualities to be considered important, useful, etc. worthy. noun.

What is the meaning of Ephesians chapter 4?

This chapter is a part of Paul’s exhortation (Ephesians 4–6), with the particular section about the mutual interdependence of the Christians as the church (verses 1–16) and how they should live in the world (4:17–5:20). …