Which European countries became mostly Protestant which maintained mostly Catholic?

Which European countries are Catholic and Protestant?

Finland is the most Protestant country, with 73% of the population, and is recorded as having 0% Catholics. Italy is the most Catholic country, at 78%, and is 1% Protestant. Only in the Netherlands do the unaffiliated make up the largest group, with 48% of the population, compared with 20% Catholic and 18% Protestant.

What countries became mostly Protestant?

Countries With The Most Protestant Christians

  • China (58 million)
  • Brazil (41 million) …
  • South Africa (37 million) …
  • United Kingdom (34 million) …
  • DR Congo (32 million) …
  • Germany (29 million) …
  • Kenya (24 million) …
  • India (19 million) …

Which areas of Europe converted to Protestantism?

What areas of Europe became protestant? Northern Europe, England, Scandinavia.

What countries remain Catholic?

The top 10 nations with the most number of Catholics are:

  • Brazil.
  • Mexico.
  • Philippines.
  • United States.
  • Italy.
  • France.
  • Colombia.
  • Poland.

Is Europe mostly Catholic or Protestant?

Catholics are the largest Christian group in EU, accounting for 41% of EU population, while Eastern Orthodox make up 10%, and Protestants make up 9%, and other Christians account for 4% of the EU population.

Is Europe Catholic or Protestant?

Most Europeans adhere to one of three broad divisions of Christianity: Roman Catholicism in the west and southwest, Protestantism in the north, and Eastern Orthodoxy in the east and southeast.

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What countries were all mostly Protestant in 1560?

What countries, or parts of countries, were all mostly Protestant in 1560? Africa, Ottoman Empires.

What countries changed to Protestants by 16th century?

All of Scandinavia ultimately adopted Lutheranism over the course of the 16th century, as the monarchs of Denmark (who also ruled Norway and Iceland) and Sweden (who also ruled Finland) converted to that faith. In Sweden the Reformation was spearheaded by Gustav Vasa, elected king in 1523.