What level do priests get mind control?

Can mind control be dispelled?

On the bright side, these can usually be easily dispelled once MC has ended. Friendly players can dispel debuffs from MCed targets – it is easy when dispelling buffs from a suddenly MCed target to instead begin dispelling its debuffs!

Why does mind control break early?

Mind Control’s full duration is one minute, but there are several factors which can cause it to break early. A break is checked vs mob’s level / distance from controlling priest / resistances of target, every x seconds, and the spell can break without warning even if the channeling bar is still mostly full.

Does mind control break on damage?

MC is a very flavorful ability but I find the mechanics confusing. I see some Priests in PvP using it quite a bit but others not at all. MC is a Charm, as it can be broken by Will of the Forsaken. However, it works differently from Seduce as it doesn’t break instantly on damage.

How much hit do you need for Razuvious?

This is the easiest boss in Naxxramas. This fight requires your priets to be on the ball with Mind Control and they must have +2 or +3% hit with spells to do this smoothly. Razuvious hits too hard for a player to tank him, so you must keep an Understudy mind controlled at ALL times to tank him.

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What spell school is mind control?

You can only Mind Control humanoid enemies, whereas other classes are less limited in what they can CC. Unlike other crowd control methods, Mind Control is a channeled spell; you can’t cast any other spells while MC is active.