What do you call a fake God?

What do you call a false god?

In Abrahamic religions, false god is used as a derogatory term to refer to a deity or object of worship besides the Abrahamic god that is regarded as either illegitimate or non-functioning in its professed authority or capability, and this characterization is further used as a definition of “idol“.

What is the synonym of idol?

icon, god, image, likeness, fetish, totem, statue, figure, figurine, doll, carving. graven image, false god, effigy, golden calf. 2’the pop world’s latest idol’ hero, heroine, star, superstar, icon, celebrity, celebutante. favourite, darling, beloved, pet, apple of one’s eye.

What do you call a false?

phony. (also phoney), sham, spurious.

What is false idols?

What is false idols? Idolatry is the worship of an idol or cult image, being a physical image, such as a statue, or a person in place of God. In these monotheistic religions, idolatry has been considered as the “worship of false gods” and is forbidden by the values such as the Ten Commandments.

What is a molten image?

liquefied by heat; in a state of fusion; melted: molten lead. produced by melting and casting: a molten image.

What is the synonym of statue?

sculpture, figure, effigy, statuette, figurine, idol. carving, bronze, representation, likeness, image, graven image, model.

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What is the full meaning of idol?

1 : an object of extreme devotion a movie idol also : ideal sense 2. 2 : a representation or symbol of an object of worship broadly : a false god. 3a : a likeness of something. b obsolete : pretender, impostor. 4 : a false conception : fallacy.

What is the meaning of my idol?

idol Add to list Share. An idol can be a religious image or a person who people admire and maybe even seem to worship. … If you say Flannery O’ Connor is your idol, you don’t mean you bow down before a statue of the Southern writer, it just means you admire her big time.