Question: What does God say about giving birth?

What does God say about having a baby?

Psalms 127:3 “Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.” As one who never wanted children (literally born with zero desire), this verse is exceptionally special to me now that I have two. Having kids was something other people did, people who didn’t want to live their lives as freely as I did.

What does God say about reproducing?

From the beginning, God blessed procreation. In Genesis 1:28, God said: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” Similarly, the psalmist says: “Behold, children are an heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is his reward.

What does procreation mean in the Bible?

verb. have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant. “The Bible tells people to procreate” synonyms: multiply, reproduce.

What does Christianity say about contraception?

The Roman Catholic Church believes that using contraception is “intrinsically evil” in itself, regardless of the consequences. Catholics are only permitted to use natural methods of birth control. But the Church does not condemn things like the pill or condoms in themselves.

What is the meaning of Be fruitful and multiply?

There’s a famous line from the Bible: “Be fruitful and multiply.” That gives you a pretty good sense of the word: fruitful activity multiplies or adds to what’s already there, producing more of something. A couple is fruitful if they have children: the more children, the more fruitful.

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What is the full meaning of procreation?

noun. the act or process of begetting offspring: The techniques of medically assisted procreation are constantly progressing. Procreation perpetuates the species—hippos give birth to hippos, not humans.

What do we mean by procreation?

: to beget or bring forth (offspring) : propagate. intransitive verb. : to beget or bring forth offspring : reproduce.

What does procreation mean in religion?

Procreation Children are a gift from God, the fruit of married love. Through sexual union within the state of marriage, the couple is able to participate in the divine task of co-creation. • Caring for children Family is the nucleus where Christian faith first blossoms.