Is Dumbledore a Jesus?

Does Dumbledore have a God complex?

Dumbledore, for his part, is a benevolent, godlike presence at the school. Yet he often doesn’t impede others’ freedom of choice, in some cases allowing satanic, Voldemort-inspired forces to maneuver at will. Ultimately, though, Dumbledore believes in the eventual triumph of Harry.

How is Harry Potter similar to Jesus?

The way Harry faced death in the final book of the series, is very similar to the way Jesus died. … In the end, Harry chose to be “resurrected” and killed Voldemort, therefore saving the wizarding world. Likewise, Jesus died on the cross to save his people, was mourned or disgraced and later resurrected (cf.

Is Dumbledore like god?

The connection with Christ’s death is the love and otherworldly mercy Dumbledore shows in his death. Like the Son of God and Creative Word at his scourging, again on the Via Dolorosa, and finally on the cross at Calvary, Dumbledore is more powerful than his tormentors and executioners.

Who in Death Note has a god complex?

7 Light Yagami Thought That He Embodied Justice Itself (Death Note)

What does the church say about Harry Potter?

In 2002, the Greek Orthodox Church authorities in Thrace released a statement denouncing the Harry Potter books as Satanic, saying that they “acquaint people with evil, wizardry, the occult and demonology.” The statement also criticised the purported similarities between Harry Potter and Jesus Christ, saying, “It is …

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How long is the Bible compared to Harry Potter?

One such exception is the Harry Potter series. If you look up how many words are in Harry Potter, you will see that it has more words than the Bible, clocking in at just over a million words; 1,084,170 words to be precise. That is a 28% increase from the word count in the King James Bible.

Why is Harry Potter an allegory?

But there are other ways Harry Potter is an allegorical Jesus. Both were the subjects of prophecies declaring them as humanity’s salvation. … Beyond the plot comparisons, the way Harry lived his life makes him a Christ figure. Harry doesn’t care about the status of people.

What did Dumbledore represent?

Dumbledore is Death is a Harry Potter fan theory, which suggests that Albus Dumbledore is the personification of Death described in The Tale of the Three Brothers. The three brothers are also represented by Voldemort, Snape and Harry.