How do you pray if you don’t know the Qibla?

How do you find out which way the Qibla is?

Every Muslim who is located in the hemisphere centred on Mecca (i.e. is less as circa 10.000 km from Mecca) can determine the direction of the qibla by observing the sun on these days at the right moment. The compass direction to the sun then gives the qibla. Muslims who are located in the other hemisphere (i.e.

How do you know where the qibla is from the sun?

Let an observation be made on that day at that time – before noon if Mecca is to the east or after if [Mecca] is to the west; the direction of the shadow [of the sun] at that time is [opposite to that of] the qibla bearing.

What happens if you pray in the wrong direction?

“Even in the event of praying outside the range of direction, the jurists stipulate that if one has made an effort to determine the direction of the qibla (where due diligence was made) then if later (after the prayer time has lapsed) it becomes known that the prayer direction was completely wrong, the prayer will be

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Which side is qibla east or west?

All Muslims in the world pray in the same direction. If you are west of Makkah, you should pray facing the east. In the US for example, the direction is South-East. If you are in Japan you would face South West, and if you are in South Africa, you would face North East.

How do I find the qibla on Google Maps?

Users can avail the service simply by searching ‘qibla finder’ on Google and clicking on the featured link at the top or visit the service directly using the link.

Is Qibla in direction of sunset?

Qibla direction

The compass direction to the sun then gives the Qibla. The Qibla is the direction towards the Kaaba in the Holy Mosque in Mecca, which is used in the direction for prayers.

Which direction is Mecca from us?

We all are aware of the fact that people of the Muslim faith are required to face in the direction of Mecca during each of their five time daily prayers. Washington, DC is on a latitude of about North 38 degrees, 55 minutes while Mecca is about North 21 degrees, 25 minutes, slightly south of DC while facing east.

Why do we pray north east?

Most of North America’s 4.5 million Muslims pray to the northeast five times a day because it’s the shortest distance to Mecca, the sacred center of Islam in Saudi Arabia. … ‘It is a requirement that a Muslim direct himself toward Mecca,’ Nachef said.