Best answer: Which word has the same meaning as a prayer book?

Is prayer book one or two words?

a book containing formal prayers to be used in public or private religious devotions.

What is another word for a prayer book?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prayer-book, like: liturgy, , guide, missal, breviary, hymnal, holy text, bible, book-of-common-prayer, canon and lectionary.

What is meaning of getting prayer book?

: a book containing prayers and often other forms and directions for worship.

What is the meaning of the word misal?

: a book containing all that is said or sung at mass during the entire year.

What does breviary mean in English?

1 often capitalized. a : a book of the prayers, hymns, psalms, and readings for the canonical hours. b : divine office. 2 [Latin breviarium] : a brief summary.

Why is the book of common prayer important?

The Book of Common Prayer gathered the elements of the medieval year into a compact form that has largely survived. It reinforced the basic pattern, while simplifying some aspects of the annual round, using traditional prayers and readings to mark its contours.

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