Wisdom quotes: “Chinese proverbs”

“Chinese proverbs”   “A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”    “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”   “A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.”   “He who asks is a fool for…

A wisdom quote from Neale Donald Walsch on “Why is this happening?”

“Why is this happening?” is the most useless question in the Universe. The only really profitable question is, “What?” As in, “What do I choose now?” This question empowers. The “why” question simply perplexes, and rarely satisfies even when it gets a good answer. So don’t try to “figure it out.” Stop it. Just focus…

A quote (within quotes) by Neale Donald Walsch on “fear”

   “Fear is one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” Bertrand Russell said that, and he was right.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said, “Fear and guilt are the only enemies of man.” She was right, too.  And Franklin Roosevelt famously said,  “The only thing we have to fear is fear…

“Subtle Truth” – by Lao Tzu

Why scurry about looking for the truth?
It vibrates in every thing and every not-thing,
right off the tip of your nose. Can you be still and see it
in the mountain? the pine tree? yourself?

“The Way of Divine Energy” by Elquanah (re-blogged)

The Way of Divine Energy The wisdom and insight we can learn from ancient texts is never ending. More than 5000 years ago the ancient Chinese masters of  esoteric healing came to the understanding that everything is composed of the same energetic substance  called Qi.  They observed the oneness and wholeness in all existence and …

A quote by Paulo Coelho (from The Alchemist)

  I have inside me the winds, the deserts, the oceans, the stars, and everything created in the universe. We were all made by the same hand, and we have the same soul. —Paulo Coelho from The Alchemist

ZEN POEMS: “Still water” by Chuang Tzu

“Still water”   The non-action of the wise man is not inaction. It is not studied.  It is not shaken by anything. The sage is quiet because he is not moved, Not because he wills to be quiet. Still water is like glass. You can look in it and see the bristles on your chin. It…