POEMS: “BRINGING FORTH A WORLD”by Tarchin Hearn (& Short excerpt from book “Walking in Wisdom”)

All perception is a blur
Everything moves, movings within movings
No matter how fast our glimpse,
how fast the shutter speed,
the moment still smears itself across the retina
pretending to be solid through photon limitations.
We live in a blur
Moving senses passing changing messages

Zen Buddhism -Excerpt from the Book: “Walking in Wisdom” by Tarchin Hearn

REFLECTION– 3 58–Today’s world of human experience is increasingly moulded by feelings of insecurity, entrapment conflict, and fear. We feel trapped in situations and circumstances: family obligations, economic constraints, weather, traffic, bureaucratic red tape and so forth. We fight interminable battles with people, creatures, invasive species, weeds, belief systems, expectations and fears. In the name…