“Imagine” by elquanah (re-blogged)

Imagine Imagine a world  with love, compassion,  peace, and tranquility.  A world with no sickness, fear or hate and  in tune with nature. Sounds like a song.    We are learning our thoughts, emotions and actions affect not only us but the world around us. Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions in the world,  believed…

HAIKU POEMS: “Visualization” (“Visualización”)

“Visualization”   I put all my problems. In a hot air balloon… Up and up it goes! (Let The Universe dissolve them) Amira   “Visualización”   Pongo todos mis problemas. En un globo de aire  … ¡Arriba y arriba va! (Dejo que el Universo los disuelva) Amira