SYMPATHY POEMS: “For Grief ” by John O’Donohue

“For Grief “   When you lose someone you love, Your life becomes strange, The ground beneath you becomes fragile, Your thoughts make your eyes unsure; And some dead echo drags your voice down Where words have no confidence Your heart has grown heavy with loss; And though this loss has wounded others too, No…

POEMS: “A Message from Our World” by Margaret Jang

Far beyond the boundaries of your time and space,
we beckon you to our world – it’s just another place.
You search and then wonder, “What’s it really like?”
if only you could meet us beyond the starry night!

POEMS: “I am there” by Iris Hesselden

Look for me when the tide is high, And the gulls are wheeling overhead
When the autumn wind sweeps the cloudy sky
And one by one the leaves are shed, Look for me when the trees are bare, And the stars are bright in the frosty sky