SHORT POEMS: “I come to you without me” by Rumi

I come to you without me, come to me without you. Self is the thorn in the sole of the soul. Merge with others, If you stay in self, you are a grain, you are a drop, If you merge with others, you are an ocean, you are a mine. ~ Rumi

The mirror of Truth by Rumi (from an older post)

“The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it, and thought they had the truth.” Rumi

MYSTICAL POEMS: “Wake up lovers” by Rumi

“Wake up lovers, it is time to start the journey! We have seen enough of this world, it is time to see another. These two gardens may be beautiful but let us pass beyond them and go to the Gardener. Let us kiss the ground and flow like a river towards the ocean. Let us…

SHORT MYSTICAL POEMS: “Another Unity” by Rumi

“Another Unity”   Spring overall. But inside us there’s another unity. Behind each eye here, one glowing weather. Every forest branch moves differently in the breeze, but as they sway they connect at the roots. ~ Rumi

MYSTICAL POEMS: “Be Light” by Rumi

“Be Light” “Be light!” As minerals in the ground rise inside trees and become tree, as plant faces an animal and enters the animal, so a human can put down the heavy body baggage and be light.   by Rumi

MYSTIC POEMS: “My heart” by Rumi

“My heart” My heart, sit only with those who know and understand you. Sit only under a tree that is full of blossoms. In the bazaar of herbs and potions don’t wander aimlessly, find the shop with a potion that is sweet. If you don’t have a measure people will rob you in no time….

MYSTIC POEMS: “Inner Wakefulness” by Rumi

“Inner Wakefulness” This place is a dream only a sleeper considers it real then death comes like dawn and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief A man goes to sleep in the town where he has always lived and he dreams he’s living in another town in the dream he…

POEMS: “Look at love” by Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi

“Look at love” Look at love how it tangles with the one fallen in love look at spirit how it fuses with earth giving it new life why are you so busy with this or that or good or bad pay attention to how things blend why talk about all the known and the unknown…