POEMS: “Sometimes” (coping with worries, from an older post)

“Sometimes”  Sometimes when things turn upside down And inside out and look dark brown, I rush outdoors and gaze into The topless sky’s eternal blue, So calm and cool, so still and deep, With soft contented clouds like sheep. I shade my eyes and stare and stare, Then go back in the house, and there,…

POEMS: “No more longing”

Yesterday I sat beside
a pristine mountain lake
where sky and pines and water
lost their names in Seeing,
where Listening became
a single bird-song, wind song,

HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Peace in Nature” (“Paz en la naturaleza”)

  “Peace in Nature”   Solace, comfort, and peace, Nature brings to me: a mother’s loving embrace! Amira Painting credits: “Mother Earth” by Ronnie Biccard “Paz en la naturaleza”   Solaz, consuelo y paz, La naturaleza me trae: el abrazo amoroso de una madre!   Amira