SUFI POEMS: “Invocation” by Farid ud-Din Attar

We are busy with the luxury of things.
Their number and multiple faces bring
To us confusion we call knowledge. Say:
God created the world, pinned night to day,
Made mountains to weigh it down, seas

POEMS: “The Mystic Rose” by Elsa Barker

“The Mystic Rose” I, woman, am that wonder-breathing rose That blossoms in the garden of the King. In all the world there is no lovelier thing, And the learned stars no secret can disclose Deeper than mine–that almost no one knows. The perfume of my petals in the spring Is inspiration to all bards that…

MYSTIC POEMS: “He who knows Love” by Elsa Barker

“He who knows Love” He who knows Love–becomes Love, and his eyes Behold Love in the heart of everyone, Even the loveless: as the light of the sun Is one with all it touches. He is wise With undivided wisdom, for he lies In Wisdom’s arms. His wanderings are done, For he has found the…


“Come” Every day I am astonished by how little I know, and discouraged, obedient as I am to the demand to know more — always more. But then there is the slow seep of light from the day, and I look to the west where the hills are darkening, setting their shoulders to the night,…

MYSTICAL POEMS: “I have found the sea” by Tukaram

I have found the sea   I have found the sea, An ocean limitless. I have opened a treasury unending, Its jewels blaze with the luster of a thousand thousand suns, And they blaze here, in my soul. Of a sudden, Without any effort of mine own, I have heard the eternal Secret, I have…