POEMS FROM A MOTHER: “Farewell letter” by David Whyte

Farewell letter She wrote me a letter after her death and I remember a kind of happy light falling on the envelope as I sat by the rose tree on her old bench at the back door, so surprised by its arrival wondering what she would say, looking up before I could open it and…

MOTHERS’ POEMS: “The Greatest Blessing” by Trina Graves

The Greatest Blessing April 6, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment     The greatest blessing of my life Was in becoming a Mother Truly blessed three times in all A Divine Blessing above any other The greatest treasures bestowed on me Worth more than diamonds and gold Were the lives of my precious children Still…

POEMS FOR MOTHERS: “In The Arms Of An Angel” by Trina Graves

In The Arms Of An Angel April 3, 2019Trina Graves1 Comment An Angel is a Spiritual Being A Messenger of God, His Agent Working Divinely with love Around us, or when needed, sent Some people get to see them Magnificent, powerful, bright With pure white wings of feather A truly life-enhancing sight But most just know…

POEMS FOR MOTHERS: “You Were There” by Trina Graves

During my childhood: You Were There
Nurturing with your loving care
Through the ups and downs of it all
Picking me up when I would fall
Always there to kiss goodnight
And cuddle if I woke with a fright
Showing me love and trust were the way
To practice being, with each new day

POEMS: “Mother’s hand” by Trina Graves

As a little girl I held your hand tightly
For the world was a scary place.
As the years went by our clasp loosened
As I became eager to explore
Then the day came that we both let go
And I was able to walk alone.