MOTHER’S DAY POEMS: “The face of God” by Trina Graves

  The Face Of God May 10, 2020 Trina Graves3 Comments There is the purest moment Of time, for all Mothers Most will feel this Bliss A Blessing, above all others Looking into her newborn’s eyes In their first Loving embrace Divinity in the purity Of looking into God’s Face A fresh, new Spirit of God…

POEMS FOR MOTHERS: “You Were There” by Trina Graves

During my childhood: You Were There
Nurturing with your loving care
Through the ups and downs of it all
Picking me up when I would fall
Always there to kiss goodnight
And cuddle if I woke with a fright
Showing me love and trust were the way
To practice being, with each new day

A tribute to my mom’s random acts of kindness

We don’t need to have much to help someone, to give a warm smile or to spread some joy around and touch someone’s heart. All we need is the desire to do it and when you do, you feel so deeply blessed and enriched.