“Subtle Truth” – by Lao Tzu

Why scurry about looking for the truth?
It vibrates in every thing and every not-thing,
right off the tip of your nose. Can you be still and see it
in the mountain? the pine tree? yourself?

ZEN POEMS: “Still water” by Chuang Tzu

“Still water”   The non-action of the wise man is not inaction. It is not studied.  It is not shaken by anything. The sage is quiet because he is not moved, Not because he wills to be quiet. Still water is like glass. You can look in it and see the bristles on your chin. It…

ZEN POEMS: “Bird Bath”

  Bird Bath Only this matters: this ecstatic baptism this standing on stick- thin legs where the singing creek pools at the lip of the waterfall only this ruby-feathered chest diving to meet its reflection this beak piercing again and again that quivering surface, these wings half- unfolding, a ruffle of joy guiding rivers of…

ZEN POEMS: “Centre of the Circle” by Chuang Tzu

“Centre of the Circle” When we understand, we are at the centre of the circle and there we sit while Yes and No chase each other around the circumference. —Chuang Tzu …”Stay at the center of the circle and let all things take their course” —Lao Tzu