POEMS: “Photographs” by Trina Graves

“Photographs” May 23, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment A split second of time Frozen for all to see Photographs are treasures Capturing memories clearly Beautiful scenes full of colour People smiling having fun Whether a garden in winter Or an exotic paradise of sun Our Earth is abundantly rich Opulent beauty wherever you look Landscapes,…

HAIKU POEMS: “Family Picnic” (“Picnic en familia”)

  “Family Picnic”   A blanket so pretty, Laid on the grass, A display of treats, and laughter… (Happy memories to last!) Amira   “Picnic en familia”   Una manta tan bonita, Reposada sobre la hierba, Comidas esquisitas y risas … (Alegres recuerdos para guardar!)   Amira  

HAIKU POEMS: “Ice cream” (“Helado”)

“Ice cream”   Sweet creamy delicacy, Melts in the mouth, Cool memories of childhood… (Come to mind) Amira   “Helado”   Delicadeza cremosa, dulce, Se derrite en la boca, Frescos recuerdos de infancia… (Llegan a la mente)      Amira