PET POEMS: “Angel cat” By Jacintha Buddicom

Photo credit: Pinterest “Angel cat” The big brave Angel cat, folding a rainbow wing, Stretched out his gentle paw I’ll find, purred he, A kitten– you were kind– You must not grieve for me. This one might do, this timid little stray Terrestrial night to my celestial day; It cannot take my place, No other…

A thought from Neale Donald Walsch on reverence for all life forms

  “All that Life asks is that you move through Life with a reverence for Life. Yet this reverence for Life must be displayed in all things. Even in the littlest things. Perhaps especially so. For instance, if you choose to consume animals, do you limit your purchases of flesh to cook to only those suppliers who…

POEMS: “He is my dog”

He is loyalty itself. He has taught me the meaning of devotion. With him, I know a secret comfort and a private peace.

PET POEMS: “Nothing but love” by Patricia Walter

“Nothing But Love” Sometimes you just can’t tell – what they are it’s just as well. Mom’s ears Dad’s tail Grandma’s spots Grandpa’s wail! Put together in a very strange way you look hard but no one can say. Trying to guess you look in their eyes find nothing but love it’s no disguise. Poetry…

NATURE HAIKU POEMS: “Panda bear” (“Oso panda”)

  “Panda Bear”    Playful and friendly , Cuteness in perfect balance! Black and white fur… (Like ying yang symbol!) Amira   “Oso panda”   Juguetón y amigable ¡Belleza en perfecto equilibrio! Pelaje blanco y negro… (¡Como símbolo de ying y yang!)     Amira