A quote from Neale Donald Walsch about “Love”…

  Love is sometimes shown in the things you don’t say, don’t keep track of and don’t notice. The greatest kindness is often shown in letting things go. None of us is perfect, but we can all be perfect friends and perfect partners by allowing those that we love to  be imperfect. Give those around…

POEMS: “Let it go”

  Let it Go  Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold: the holding of plans or dreams or expectations – Let it all go. Save your strength to swim with the tide. The choice to fight what is here before you now will only result in struggle, fear, and desperate attempts to…

POEMS: “Enemies” by Wendell Berry

Enemies If you are not to become a monster, you must care what they think. If you care what they think, how will you not hate them, and so become a monster of the opposite kind? From where then is love to come—love for your enemy that is the way of liberty? From forgiveness. Forgiven,…

POEMS: “Let go of Something”

Let Go of Something Let go of something, somewhere. Use yoga to become aware, to touch what lies beneath the surface of the skin. Is there tension longing for release; a knot of fear so deep and familiar that you believe it’s part of who you are? Ease into dark corners, locked rooms, unexplored hallways….

POEMS: “Allow”

There is no controlling life.
Try corralling a lightning bolt,
containing a tornado. Dam a
stream and it will create a new
channel. Resist, and the tide
will sweep you off your feet.

POEMS: “Sweetness” by Thich Nhat Hanh

“Sweetness”     You must be completely awake in the present to enjoy the tea. Only in the awareness of the present,  can your hands feel the pleasant warmth of the cup. Only in the present,  can you savor the aroma,  taste the sweetness,  appreciate the delicacy. If you are ruminating about the past,  or…