A quote from Neale Donald Walsch on “your past decisions”

  You actually don’t have to lie in it just because you made your bed. Somebody told you a falsehood if they told you that you have to live with your past decisions, choices, and actions.  The past is past and has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with Right Now….

SHAMANIC SERIES: “Teachings from the Shaman” (Series chamánicas: “Las enseñanzas del chamán”)

(Photo credit:  “Jaguar priestess”  https://earthdancecircle.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/jade-ring-of-power-awakening-the-heart-of-the-jaguar/) “Teachings from the Shaman”   Breaking free from time, Dreams health into being, Writes a new story!   Speaks language of (the) Soul, Piercing into (the) future, And healing the past…   Teaches:   -There’s only ONE Spirit -We co-create reality -Time is not linear   (Also:  We’re linked to…

POEMS: “Stirring up memories”

A rustling breeze is stirring trees, It hastens falling autumn leaves; Here comes those stirring memories
That lets the past unfold.