POEMS: “Blossom of A Thousand Petals” by Margaret Jang

Blossom of A Thousand Petals You are like an exquisite blossom, with talents ready to unfold. You have a thousand petals, unfurling to gently behold. Each petal has a story, whispering in your ear. Amazing in its wisdom, that you can finally hear. The blossom is quite special, for it won’t wilt or die. It…

POEMS: “Inner Beauty”…

Never trust a mirror,
for it only shows your skin, and if you think it dictates your worth, it’s time you look within.

POEMS: “The Little Acorn”

In small green cup an acorn grew
On tall and stately oak
The spreading leaves the secret knew
And hid it like a cloak
The breezes rocked it tenderly
The sunbeams whispered low
‘Some day the smallest acorn here
Will make an oak, you know’

POEMS: “Beyond the eyes” by Patricia Walter

Eyes are often green, blue or gray
they can see so clearly along the way.
Why indeed with such vision they see
the wonder, the joy and the glee.
Yes, so often, they never really see
what’s inside, the good in me.