Quote from Nikos Kazantzakis on the hidden meaning of things

Everything in the world has a hidden meaning. Men, animals, trees, stars, they are all hieroglyphics. When you see them you do not understand them. You think they are really men, animals, trees, stars. It is only years later that you understand. —Nikos Kazantzakis

ANIMAL POEMS: “All Creatures” By M. Linda Steffey

All of God’s creatures have rights, a fact that most people don’t seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves. All Creatures I love all Creatures living, Lord… The smallest of Thy beast The great Animals…the powerful And those called “Thy least”… They are…

INSPIRATIONAL POEMS: “Unite! All Those Of The Light” by Trina Graves

Unite! All Those Of The Light July 28, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment     All Light-Workers of planet Earth Heed the call instilled at birth You’ve worked your magic day-by-day To bring The Light here to stay Unite! All Those Of The Light Together we shine powerfully bright All Light-Warriors of here and now With…

A quote from Rainer Maria Rilke about “loving one another”

For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult task of all…., the work for which all other work is but preparation. It is a high inducement to the individual to ripen… a great claim upon us, something that chooses us out and calls us to vast things. —Rainer Maria Rilke

POEMS: “Sow flowers” by Rahman Baba

“Sow flowers”   Sow flowers to make a garden bloom around you, The thorns you sow will prick your own feet. Arrows shot at others Will return to hit you as they fall. You yourself will come to teeter on the lip Of a well dug to undermine another. Though you look at others with…