SYMPATHY POEMS: “For Grief ” by John O’Donohue

“For Grief “   When you lose someone you love, Your life becomes strange, The ground beneath you becomes fragile, Your thoughts make your eyes unsure; And some dead echo drags your voice down Where words have no confidence Your heart has grown heavy with loss; And though this loss has wounded others too, No…

A quote from Neale Donald Walsch on facing challenges

  Morning comes every day; the sunrise does not fail, nor the sunset. Give it time. That is all that may be required. Just give it time. Do not try to push the river. The cycles of life present themselves, play themselves out, and make smooth every passage and terrain. Try not to get caught…

HAIKU POEMS: “SPRING” (Haiku de Primavera)

  Spring Haiku   Joyful birds’ chirps & songs Snow-white blooms cover branches New Hope fills the heart! Amira   Haiku de Primavera   Chirridos y canciones de alegres pájaros Flores blancas como nieve cubren ramas ¡Nueva esperanza llena el corazón! Amira


“The Silence”   Come, Join me in Silence, It’s the Holy ground of the Beloved. “The beloved”?  you say, We are deeply, Purely loved there- Is not that a sign of the Beloved? Compassion is born there Where Pure love meets suffering, Compassion unspoken, yet deeply felt. Jewels are found there; Strength, Hope, Peace, Joy,…

POEMS: “A new day”

If life seems at its lowest ebb, because a day’s gone wrong.Let not your heart be troubled, for a new day soon will dawn