Poems about Love and hate: “It’s simple” by M. Linda Steffey

IT’S SIMPLE A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind. IT’S SIMPLE O Lord, my prayer is simple It’s not so hard to say But for man to do it Has taken ever and a day… To LOVE.. for me is simple…

A quote from Rumi on “heaven and hell”

Hell is in the here and now. So is heaven. Do not worry about hell or dream about heaven, as they are both present inside this very moment. Every time we fall in love, we ascend to heaven. Every time we hate, envy, or fight someone, we tumble straight into the fires of hell. —Rumi

POEMS: “The Raging Storm of Life” by Patricia Walter

Our lives are as fleeting
as a snow storm in March.
Raging wind, pellets of ice,
blankets of clouds graying the day.
The calm, the beauty, the serenity,
the glow of the fresh, innocent snow.
So alive, so compelling, so now in time –
so quickly forgotten.