MYSTICAL POEMS: “In the Garden of Time”

“In the Garden of Time” […..] Some of our deepest wounds, Are judgments, self-inflicted, Endless paper cuts upon our spirit, Made by an inherently imperfect ‘self’, Despising its imperfection. When in fact, the green-stemmed fruit, The infant petals in a sheltering bud, Are as they should be, in their time, On schedule to arrive, in…

POEMS: “What is the Next Step?” by Margaret Jang

With bewilderment you ask, “What is the next step?”
which sounds almost like an impatient plea.
Because right now you’re feeling lost and out of sync,
and struggling within for what you cannot clearly see.

POEMS: “Reflections” by Trina Graves

If personal development’s something you pursue
There are many helpful exercises to follow through
A while ago I came across one, but put it aside
Feeling unsure, from the answers, I chose to hide