MYSTIC POEMS: “Freedom! the deep breath!” by Edward Carpenter

“Freedom! the deep breath!”    Freedom! the deep breath! the word heard centuries and centuries beforehand; the soul singing low and passionate to itself: Joy! Joy! Not as in a dream. The earth remains and daily life remains, and the scrubbing of doorsteps, and the house and the care of the house remains; but Joy…

POEMS: “Today I Awoke” by Adyashanti

Today I Awoke Today I awoke, finally I see the Self has re-turned to the Self. The Self is none other than the Self. I am deathless. I am endless. I am free. The birds outside sing… The birds outside sing and there am I. The seeing of leaves on the trees, that seeing am…

POEMS: “Follow Truth”

Follow Truth The Buddha didn’t know that his choice to be himself would roll through the pages of history like a rogue wave.  All he did was sit beneath the bodhi tree, intention fixed on awakening, and when the light flowed in, he offered it back as the fruit of all his practice.  We each…

POEMS: “Enemies” by Wendell Berry

Enemies If you are not to become a monster, you must care what they think. If you care what they think, how will you not hate them, and so become a monster of the opposite kind? From where then is love to come—love for your enemy that is the way of liberty? From forgiveness. Forgiven,…

Poem by Rumi: “Be empty of worrying”

“Be empty of worrying” Be empty of worrying Think of who created thought Why do you stay in prison When the door is so wide open Move outside the tangle of fear thinking Live in silence Flow down and down Into always widening Rings of being. Rumi

POEMS: “Sweet Darkness”

When your eyes are tired
the world is tired also.
When your vision has gone
no part of the world can find you.