FATHER’S DAY POEMS: “Father: The Changing Role” by Trina Graves

“Father: The Changing Role” Each generation brings change To all the roles of family As each new unit forms Different ways are clear to see We are moulded by the experiences Shaped in our early childhood Our parents views of their roles Became the truth we understood Different families merge In life, their ways and…

FATHER’S POEMS: “Today’s Father” by Trina Graves

Today’s Father The Father of today Is free to take his role In any direction he wants He can set his own goal Fathers of the past Were shackled to society Having to always fit in Blinkered from other ways to be Not allowed at the birth No sharing of the nurturing Only some playing…

POEMS: “Photographs” by Trina Graves

“Photographs” May 23, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment A split second of time Frozen for all to see Photographs are treasures Capturing memories clearly Beautiful scenes full of colour People smiling having fun Whether a garden in winter Or an exotic paradise of sun Our Earth is abundantly rich Opulent beauty wherever you look Landscapes,…

POEMS: “Our Little Needs” by Edgar Albert Guest

A little more of kindness, a little less severe,
A little more of sweetness, a little less austere,
A little more of honor and less of business greed,
See, brother, see how little it is we really need!

MOTHERS’ POEMS: “The Greatest Blessing” by Trina Graves

The Greatest Blessing April 6, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment     The greatest blessing of my life Was in becoming a Mother Truly blessed three times in all A Divine Blessing above any other The greatest treasures bestowed on me Worth more than diamonds and gold Were the lives of my precious children Still…

POEMS: “Family Stories” by Trina Graves

We all love to hear stories
It’s why we read and watch TV.
But not many understand that
The greatest stories are of family.
Relationships with people
Is what life is all about.

Happy Mother’s Day UK!!! POEMS: “Mother’s Day” by Trina Graves

Mother’s Day March 30, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment Mother’s Day in the UK Is on the fourth Sunday of Lent A day when earlier Christians To their ‘Mother’ church went Visiting their ‘Mother’ church Where they grew up, long ago A place of ‘Home’ to worship Their thankfulness to bestow And now Mother’s Day…