MYSTICAL POEMS: “Sit and be still” by Wendell Berry

“Sit and be still”    Sit and be still until in the time of no rain you hear beneath the dry wind’s commotion in the trees the sound of flowing water among the rocks, a stream unheard before, and you are where breathing is prayer. by Wendell Berry

MYSTICAL POEMS: “Cosmic Breathing” by Mystic Meandering

“Cosmic Breathing”     Sitting in the Silence of the Inner Landscape, I suddenly realize the Cosmic Breath of Infinity is slowly breathing this body – breathing in… breathing out… Held in the pause between breaths – I recognize that “I” am being breathed by an unheard Rhythm… From the Inner Window, at the edge…

POEMS: “Traveller: stop a moment (from Anamnesis)”

“Traveller: stop a moment (from Anamnesis)”   Traveller: stop a moment. It is time to stop time, to step inside. Come into this house of quiet and let it take your mind. Can you ? The hardest thing. To stop thinking. So you can start really seeing and enter the silent mind that waits in…

QUOTES: “This magnificent refuge is inside you” by St. Teresa of Avila

“This magnificent refuge is inside you” This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter. Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway… Be bold.  Be humble. Put away the incense and forget the incantations they taught you. Ask no permission from the authorities. Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to…

A spiritual moment: “Breathe” (Respira)

Breathe I breathe and feel my oneness with God and with life. Breathing is an automated process, yet conscious breathing—placing attention and intention to center myself—allows me to focus my energy. I breathe in as I silently count to three. I pause for the count of one and then exhale for another count of three….

HAIKU POEMS: “Breathe” (“Respira”)

“Breathe”   Feeling anxious, sad, stressed… Slow deep breaths: Ah, washes all away! Amira   “Respira”   Sientes ansiedad, tristeza, estres … Respiraciones lentas y profundas: Ah, todo se lo lleva y limpia! Amira