CHRISTMAS POEMS: “Jesus: The Christ” by Trina Graves

Jesus: The Christ   At Christmas we celebrate the birth Of the Son Of God who came to Earth Our Saviour, Lord, Holy One, Messiah The King Of Kings to lift us higher As many names, as ways to show He came to teach us how to grow A Prince Of Peace, The Lord Of…

CHRISTMAS POEMS: “The Heavenly Birth” by Trina Graves

The Heavenly Birth    Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth Of the Son of God brought down to our Earth A Pure, Unique Master-Being from Heaven above Sent to guide through all Eternity with Divine Love His birth is a wondrous story, enchantingly told Mother Mary young and pure, a heart of gold…

POEMS: “Everyday is Christmas”

Every day is Christmas,
when you’ve found that you can be More concerned with words like “you” and less with “I” and “me”.