CHILDREN’S POEMS: “Thinking” by Trina Graves

What are you thinking, right now this minute,
Is it a good thought with you in it?
Or is it a thought that you are not good enough?
You can’t do something because it’s too tough.

HAIKU POEMS: “A kite” (“Una cometa”)

“A kite”   A kite in the air, Learning to fly… On the ground, a happy smile! Amira   “Una cometa”   Una cometa en el aire, Aprendiendo a volar… En el suelo, ¡una sonrisa feliz!                                                                 Amira  

HAIKU POEMS: “Ice cream” (“Helado”)

“Ice cream”   Sweet creamy delicacy, Melts in the mouth, Cool memories of childhood… (Come to mind) Amira   “Helado”   Delicadeza cremosa, dulce, Se derrite en la boca, Frescos recuerdos de infancia… (Llegan a la mente)      Amira  

SUMMER POEMS: “Memory” by Anne Bronte

Sweet Memory! ever smile on me; Nature’s chief beauties spring from thee,
Oh, still thy tribute bring!
Still make the golden crocus shine
Among the flowers the most divine,
The glory of the spring.