POEMS: “Our Little Needs” by Edgar Albert Guest

A little more of kindness, a little less severe,
A little more of sweetness, a little less austere,
A little more of honor and less of business greed,
See, brother, see how little it is we really need!

MOTHERS’ POEMS: “The Greatest Blessing” by Trina Graves

The Greatest Blessing April 6, 2019 Trina GravesLeave a comment     The greatest blessing of my life Was in becoming a Mother Truly blessed three times in all A Divine Blessing above any other The greatest treasures bestowed on me Worth more than diamonds and gold Were the lives of my precious children Still…

ZEN POEMS: “Bird Bath”

  Bird Bath Only this matters: this ecstatic baptism this standing on stick- thin legs where the singing creek pools at the lip of the waterfall only this ruby-feathered chest diving to meet its reflection this beak piercing again and again that quivering surface, these wings half- unfolding, a ruffle of joy guiding rivers of…

POEMS: “Family Stories” by Trina Graves

We all love to hear stories
It’s why we read and watch TV.
But not many understand that
The greatest stories are of family.
Relationships with people
Is what life is all about.