POEMS: “The Wide Outdoors” by Edgar Albert Guest (from an older post)

The blooming cherry trees are free for all to look upon;
The dogwood buds for all of us, and not some favorite one;
The wide outdoors is no man’s own; the stranger on the street
Can cast his eyes on many a rose and claim its fragrance sweet.

HAIKU POEMS: “SPRING” (Haiku de Primavera)

  Spring Haiku   Joyful birds’ chirps & songs Snow-white blooms cover branches New Hope fills the heart! Amira   Haiku de Primavera   Chirridos y canciones de alegres pájaros Flores blancas como nieve cubren ramas ¡Nueva esperanza llena el corazón! Amira

SPRING POEMS: “The Sowing of Meanings” by Thomas Merton

“The Sowing of Meanings” See the high birds! Is their’s the song That dies among the wood-light Wounding the listener with such bright arrows? Or do they play in wheeling silences Defining in the perfect sky The bounds of (here below) our solitude, Where spring has generated lights of green To glow in clouds upon…

SPRING POEMS: “Against the gently flowing spring morning” by Shih Shu

“Against the gently flowing spring morning”   Against the gently flowing spring morning the arrogant rattle of a passing coach peach blossoms beckon from the distant village willow branches caress the shoulder of my pond as bream and carp flash their golden scales and mated ducks link embroidered wings the poet stares about: this way,…