POEMS: “Fallen snow”

Now the bare black bushes
All look soft and white.
Every twig is laden-
What a pretty sight!


Photo credit: Pinterest INNOCENCE My gaze is clear as a sunflower. My way is to walk the roads Looking right and left And sometimes looking behind me… What I see at each moment Is that which I never Caught sight of before. I have the knack of full awareness The knack of essential astonishment That…

POEMS: “Snow Geese” by Mary Oliver

Snow Geese Oh, to love what is lovely, and will not last! What a task to ask of anything, or anyone, yet it is ours, and not by the century or the year, but by the hours. One fall day I heard above me, and above the sting of the wind, a sound I did…

POEMS: “One”…

Photo credit: Pinterest One The mosquito is so small it takes almost nothing to ruin it. Each leaf, the same. And the black ant, hurrying. So many lives, so many fortunes! Every morning, I walk softly and with forward glances down to the ponds and through the pinewoods. Mushrooms, even, have but a brief hour…

HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Full moonlight” (“Luz de la luna llena” )

“Full moonlight”   Brilliant full moonlight, Changes all to silver tones, A magical scene! Amira “Luz de la luna llena”   Luz de luna llena, Cambia todo a tonos plateados, Una escena mágica! Amira Photo credit: A landscape with dolphins watching the moon @ ImagesList.com

POEMS: “Questions to a Mountain Pine” by Alan

While hiking in the San Gabriel mountains I came upon an opening in the trail that led to a glen overlooking the valley below. On my right was an old pine guarding the enchanted place. Seeing the vast experience in his gnarled trunk, while listening to his serene song as his limbs played with the…

MICRO-POETRY : “Soft white clouds” by Alan

“Soft white clouds” Soft, white clouds Sifted by a Cerulean hand — Can you see the Sifter? Are you the fleet, Rough copies Of what are to be? I wonder — For your shadows laugh On summer lawns. Alan   Posted with permission from the Author