ZEN POEMS: “Bird Bath”

  Bird Bath Only this matters: this ecstatic baptism this standing on stick- thin legs where the singing creek pools at the lip of the waterfall only this ruby-feathered chest diving to meet its reflection this beak piercing again and again that quivering surface, these wings half- unfolding, a ruffle of joy guiding rivers of…

HAIKU POEMS: “SPRING” (Haiku de Primavera)

  Spring Haiku   Joyful birds’ chirps & songs Snow-white blooms cover branches New Hope fills the heart! Amira   Haiku de Primavera   Chirridos y canciones de alegres pájaros Flores blancas como nieve cubren ramas ¡Nueva esperanza llena el corazón! Amira

HAIKU NATURE POEMS: “Eagle” (“Águila”)

“Eagle”   Majestic eagle I want to see through your eyes, and soar in the sky!…   Amira     “Águila”     Majestuosa águila, Quiero ver a través de tus ojos, Y elevarme al cielo! …   Amira