POEMS: “Mother’s hand” by Trina Graves

As a little girl I held your hand tightly
For the world was a scary place.
As the years went by our clasp loosened
As I became eager to explore
Then the day came that we both let go
And I was able to walk alone.

POEMS: “The Simple Things In Life” by Trina Graves

If ever you are feeling down
Whatever it is that makes you frown
Just open your eyes and look about
You’ll find something, without a doubt
To make you smile and appreciate
That the simple things in life are great

HAIKU’S POEMS: “A baby’s face” (“La cara de un bebé”)

“A baby’s face” A baby’s face: Smiling eyes, non-judgement… Awake to inner Light. The wisdom of a sage! Amira   “La cara de un bebé”    La cara de un bebé: Ojos sonrientes, sin juicio… Despierto a la Luz interior. ¡La sabiduría de un sabio! Amira