Your question: Why did Jesus show Thomas his wounds?

Why does Jesus show his wounds?

Rather, the point of this matter is this: he showed them his wounds even before doubt was expressed. That he showed his wounds, therefore, was not so much to prove his identity as the crucified one, but instead to witness yet again to his solidarity with those who are wounded by the crucifying realities in our world.

What does the story of Thomas try to tell us?

It does not tell the story of the life and death of Jesus, but offers the reader his ‘secret teachings’ about the Kingdom of God. Here he appears as if he’s Jesus’ twin, and he is one who knows secret teaching, which Jesus hasn’t given to all other people. …

What happened to Thomas in the Bible?

According to Syrian Christian tradition, Thomas was killed at St. Thomas Mount in Chennai on 3 July in AD 72, he was castrated, and his body was interred in Mylapore. Ephrem the Syrian states that the Apostle was killed in India, and that his relics were taken then to Edessa.

What are those wounds in your hands?

The Jews will gain forgiveness at the Second Coming—They will ask the Lord, What are these wounds in Thine hands? —The remnant, tried and refined, will be His people.

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What is Jesus doing at the right hand of God?

The Holy Spirit has been active since the creation of the world, but since the descending of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost he is actively moving to apply the hope and benefits of salvation. Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, but the Spirit is given to humanity in order to continue to reveal the Triune God.

What are glorified bodies?

Here understood as the physical body of the just reunited at the resurrection of the dead with the soul that formerly animated it and that at the moment of reunion is already enjoying the beatific vision.

Why did Jesus choose Thomas?

Thomas: Thomas, or “twin” in Aramaic, is called “doubting Thomas” because he doubted Jesus’s resurrection until he could touch Jesus’s wounds himself (John 20:24–29).