You asked: Where did the apostles begin to spread the faith?

When did the apostles start preaching?

According to Acts 1:2-9, the risen Jesus trained his apostles for 40 days during a series of post-resurrection appearances and then ascended into heaven. Less than two weeks later, they began their first public preaching in connection with the feast of Pentecost, seven weeks after Passover and Easter Sunday (Acts 2).

How did the apostles spread the message?

Jesus preached with parables to make his message understandable to his followers. How did the apostles spread the message of Jesus? Apostles traveled to other parts of the Mediterranean region to spread Jesus’ message to other places.

Why did the Apostles work and travel to spread the gospel?

The apostles and early disciples traveled so far and worked so hard to spread the word of God because the universal love of God, who desires that all be saved, provided the motivation and energy for the Apostles and early disciples to travel throughout the known world sharing the truth of the Gospel with those who …

How long did the disciples preach?

Nobody knows for sure just how long Jesus’ ministry, teaching and travelling throughout the Holy Land, lasted. Some say three years, others as little as one.

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How did the disciples spread the good news?

The disciples began their missionary work in spreading the good news about Jesus and obeying his instructions from the Great Commission. Christians are also called to follow these instructions as disciples of Jesus. Some people do this by: giving themselves to religious life (perhaps by becoming a priest or a minister)

How did the first apostles spread the religion of Christianity quizlet?

How did the apostles spread Jesus’ teachings? The apostles first spoke to the Jews in Judaea and Galilee. Then, they traveled to other parts of the Mediterranean region. Lastly, the apostles spread Jesus’ teaching everywhere they could.