Who was discouraged in the Bible?

What is the root of discouragement?

The verb discourage has roots in the French word descouragier, which comes from des-, meaning “away,” and corage, or “courage.” So when you discourage someone, you can think of it as taking his courage — or enthusiasm — away.

Who in the Bible was stubborn?

Basically, Moses received clear instructions directly from God, but he stubbornly refused to obey God, even arguing with God to “send somebody else.” But Moses finally overcame his sinful, disobedient stubbornness and then stubbornly began following God’s instructions.

How do you pray when you feel discouraged?

Help me to take my focus off myself and my situation and keep my eyes firmly planted on you so I don’t sink. In those moments where I feel like I can’t take another step, carry me. Lord, show me what to do in my present situation. If I need to seek professional help, provide it.

What is the cause of discouragement?

This is one story of what causes discouragement, but there are so many other ways we become uninspired and our courage is taken, including: Fear, loss, lack of direction or purpose, chronic issues, lack of control, unhealthy relationships, loneliness, ingratitude, and an undefined identity.

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What causes a person to be discouraged?

The criticism of others can often discourage us. Sometimes people are very sensitive to feeling criticized. … The more they take the criticism at face value, the more easily they’re discouraged. Be more alert to negative inner voices, and understand what they represent so you can stop taking them seriously.

What are some causes of discouragement?

There are at least four distinct causes for discouragement.

  • Fatigue: We Can Become Worn Out (Neh: 4:10) The first reason that these people got discouraged is simply this: They were worn out. …
  • Frustration: We Can Become Weighted Down (Neh. 4:10) …
  • Fear: We Can Be Wrought Up (Neh. 4:11) …
  • Failure: We Can Be Written Off (Neh.

Where is stubbornness in the Bible?

We will continue with our own plans; each of us will follow the stubbornness of his evil heart” (Jeremiah 18:12). Is there anything you can do to help your cousin? The most important thing you can do is to pray for him. You can’t break through his stubbornness — but God can.

What is an example of stubborn?

Stubborn is defined as being unwilling to change your opinion or stance, in spite of good reasons to. An example of stubborn is a dictator who has lost the popularity of his people, but refuses to step down from office. Hard to handle, treat, or deal with; intractable.