Who is the founder of Unity Church?

Does the Unity Church believe in the Bible?

Bible – Unity’s founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, considered the Bible to be history and allegory. … Unity says the “spirit of God” lives within each person. Jesus Christ – Jesus is a master teacher of universal truths and the Way-Shower in Unity teachings.

Who were Charles and Myrtle Fillmore?

Charles Fillmore (Unity Church)

Charles Sherlock Fillmore
Born August 22, 1854 St. Cloud, Minnesota
Died August 5, 1948 (aged 93)
Spouse(s) Myrtle Page ​ ( m. 1881⁠–⁠1931)​ Cora G. Dedrick ​ ​ ( m. 1933⁠–⁠1948)​

What are the 5 principles of Unity Church?

The church is based on five principles concerning God, goodness, thoughts, prayer and action. These basic ideas make up the Unity belief system.

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