Who invented the praying hands?

What are prayer hands called?

Depicting two hands pressed together and fingers pointed up, Folded Hands is variously used as a gesture of prayer (religious or secular), thanks, request, and greeting as well to express such sentiments as hope, praise, gratitude, reverence, and respect.

What is the moral of the praying hands?

Moral: The next time you see a copy of that touching creation, take a second look. Remember the sacrifice others may have made for your success in life. Always, respect them and care for them as what they could have done for themselves, they did that for your happiness.

What kind of art pieces did Albrecht create?

His vast body of work includes altarpieces and religious works, numerous portraits and self-portraits, and copper engravings. His woodcuts, such as the Apocalypse series (1498), retain a more Gothic flavour than the rest of his work.

Why do you think Albrecht Durer painted the hands of his brother?

To pay kind of tribute to Albert for all his sacrifice, Albrecht painted his brother’s hardened hands pointing towards the sky. He called his powerful painting very simply: “Hands”.

What artist painted praying hands?

What prompted the Durer Brothers study art?

The father, a goldsmith, worked eighteen-hour days in his constant struggle to put food on the table for his large family. The two oldest sons, Albert and Albrecht, had a dream. They both wanted to pursuer their talent for art. To fulfill their dream, they’d study at the Art Academy in Nuremburg.

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