What was Hans Christian Andersen’s job like?

Was Hans Christian Andersen poor?

Hans Christian Andersen, whose fairy tales endure more than a century after his death on this day in 1875, had a childhood as difficult as those of his plucky protagonists. Born on April 2, 1805, in Odense, Denmark, Andersen grew up in stark poverty, but his father, a shoemaker, cultivated his imagination.

Was Hans Christian Andersen a cobbler?

In blunt terms, Andersen’s fame stifles his wider appreciation. … Andersen was born to a cobbler and washerwoman in Odense on April 2, 1805; his childhood love of singing and theater led him to move to Copenhagen at 14.

What was Hans Christian Andersen childhood like?

Hans Christian Andersen came from humble beginnings, and he was born in a one bedroom house in one of the old poor quarters of Odense. His father was named Hans Andersen and his mother’s name was Anne Marie Anders. Andersen only spent a short period in this small one bedroom home (1805-1807).

What is the objective of Little Match girl?

Lesson Summary

One of the morals, or lessons, of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen is to behave charitably toward those who are less fortunate. Despite her dire circumstances, the little girl dreams of warmth and food as she tries to earn money for her family.

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